About Us

latte-stoneLatte Stone

are stone pillars of ancient houses notable for their two-piece construction; the supporting column (halagi) topped with a capstone (tasa). The latte is the signature of the Marianas Islands {Guam, Rota, Saipan, Tinian, Pagan} in that their massive size are found primarily in the Marianas.

Isla Medical Services chose the latte stone to symbolize the characteristics of the company – Stability, Dependability, Support, and Hospitality.




A young woman who had previously worked for a medical insurance company on Guam founded Isla Medical Services Bureau, Inc. dba Isla Medical Services (IMS). During her stay there, she saw a need for a medical billing service provider. Thus, the doors to Isla Medical Services opened in 1997.

Joining her as a partner shortly thereafter was another lady who had years of experience as a TPA Administrator and a Billing Department Manager for one Guam’s larger clinics. Our clientele consists of multi-specialty practitioners that accept local and off-island insurance. As such various payers on Guam, U.S. mainland and Asian countries accept the claims we generate.



To overcome the ramifications of the economic slowdown that hit Guam a few years back, we decided to establish an office in the Philippines in 1999. This office was initially set-up to support our Guam operation.

As years went by and the economic slump on Guam continued, we realized the need to diversify. We assessed our options and it became clear to us that the knowledge base we betweed our two offices offered and excellent opportunity for growth. Today, Isla Medical Services has diversified its business to include Third Party Claims Administration and Claims Processing services.